Customer Testimonials

Five Star Pest Control has been an excellent pest control provider for me and my family. They do what they say they will do and the customer service is just great. I never have to question whether my service was completed on time because that’s the trusted relationship that has been built around decades of service. I highly recommend Five Star Pest Control.

Lee Beasley Beverly Hills, California

When Five Star Pest control came out to my home the technicians were not only courteous but professional. They went above and beyond what I asked. I had them out to spray and when they were there they made sure to double check that I didn’t have any other issues. A concern of mine is that the company I use offers “green products” as I have a dog and want to make sure I use something that will not harm her. Five Star Pest Control happily honored my request. Thank you for the great service

!Karen Blackburn Eagle Rock, California

I had major ant problems in my home – upstairs and downstairs. They were even in my clothes. I called Five Star Pest Control and they were on it. The problem was gone in one service call, as they were able to discover the source. They were prompt, courteous and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has need of a reliable, experienced pest control company.

Lenita Bartlett Los Angeles, California

Five Star Pest Control does an outstanding job. They are honest, complete, price their services well and are total professionals. I would highly recommend them for all of your pest control needs. I was very comfortable having them in my home and around my property. Howard the Owner is very knowledgeable and satisfied all of my concerns and was able to deal with all of the problem areas in my home. I give them. “FIVE STAR” rating and recommend them to all !

Sandy Pozzo Sherman Oaks, California

I have had Howard work on several jobs, including my own house and found him to be professional and personable. He gets results and is easy to work with.

We have known you, Five Star Pest Control since we acquired the apartment on Mitchell Avenue in 1977. That is over thirty seven (37) years of SUPERIOR SERVICE. Since then we have acquired other apartment on Barrington Avenue, single family residences on Chase Avenue, Allin Street and West 83rd Street. You have taken great care for us on each one of those property keeping them pest&bug free. Over the years, some of the problems we have encounter were a very bad cock-roaches problem at the Barrington apartment that needed several treatments. We had some kind of flying insects and ants at the Chase house that you took care of them right away. Cock-roaches in the kitchen and living room at he Allin Street house. And very bad fleas problems coming from the neighbor’s dog on West 83rd Street house. Howard, we highly recommend your service to anyone who do not want to be trouble with any kind of pest or bug in their home and garden.

Sandy Pozzo Sherman Oaks, California

Five Star Pest Control. All I can say is forget the REST when you want the BEST in PEST Control. I’ve been using Five Star at my residence for longer than I can remember. If you have ants believe me Five Star will keep them where they belong, OUTSIDE. I believe in sourcing locally and you can’t get more local than this. Great service, fair pricing and always attentive to your needs.

I recommend Five Star Pest Control to anyone looking for long lasting results.

Bing Miller Vice President, Printing/Promo Economy Office Supply Co.